Saturday, October 4, 2008

No Way to Treat a First Lady

by Christopher Buckley.

Quickie Recap: When she wakes up in bed next to the body of her dead philandering husband, Beth isn't just under suspicious for murder, but for the high crime of assassination - because that's what they call it when your husband's the president. Not to worry though - America's most pompous and sensational trial lawyer just happens to be her know, the one she dumped to marry the president. Yeah.

Quickie Review: Oh woe is me - can it already have been a year since I last read Buckley? I read this book in a span of 24 hours - in the bath, on the bus, at work, at the gym. I couldn't help myself! His books are like those little boxes of very expensive chocolates. You tell yourself you'll be good and just have one, maybe two. But they're so velvety on the tongue that before you know it you've gobbled them all up and all you've got left is a box full of empty wrappers. Okay, I took that metaphor too far. But Buckley is an insanely sharp writer and he reduces me to gushy fandom in the space of a paragraph.

Quickie Recommendation: Get into Buckley, he is soooo money!


Lorna said...

I promise, I'll get into Buckley

Jay said...

Hehe, glad to hear it.
Sometimes my palms get a little clammy when someone is actually going to follow up on an edict of mine, but I stand behind Mr. Buckley. I'm sure you'll love him too.

gel said...

Well, reading your goaty sidebar did me good. I LOVE to read. Now I have more books to add to my list.
(If only I had time to blog review what I read, but I leave that to others, like you, who do it gloriously.)