Friday, October 24, 2008

The Retreat

Quickie Recap: Norma and Lewis take their family to a small commune-style retreat in British Columbia because Norma's grasp is slipping again and Lewis will do anything to keep his family together. Neither parent, though, is able to keep tabs on the children, who rely mostly on the elder sister, though she has lessons to learn herself. Her teachers are many, but most prominent among them is Raymond, a Native man with secrets and struggles of his own.

Quickie Review: There is a balance in all of us, between hope and utter despair, and it's jarring to see it so clearly etched in these characters. It's heartbreaking how hard they try, and frustrating how little they try, and every ounce of this book keeps poking at you, makes you stare at their failings and feel their anguish.

Quickie Recommendation: Nice book.

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