Monday, November 3, 2008

Flash Forward

Quickie Recap: Lloyd and Theo are physicists messing around with atoms when their experiment goes wrong, knocking the entire population out cold for 2 minutes and granting them all a glimpse of their future 21 years hence. Obviously this experience is life changing, some good and some bad, but regardless, almost everyone agrees that the experiment should be replicated...and what will this second vision show? Is the future immutable?

Quickie Review: Hold on to your socks, folks: I'm actually going to say that I liked this book. It was given to me by someone after confessing my distaste for the genre and so this foreknowledge probably helped him select something that would be more philosophical than technological, and he hit a homerun with this selection. I think that when a reader can throw themselves into a narrative and start thinking like a character, then the author has accomplished something. And that's how this book got me: it gave me some very interesting shoes to walk in, and I did, and I asked the tough questions and thought about the future and I made this reading experience a personal one. This is good.

Quickie Recommendation: I repeat, this is good.

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