Friday, November 7, 2008

The Furies

a novel by Fernanda Eberstadt.

Quickie Recap: Gideon, a penniless puppeteer, meets Gwen, an ambition liaison to Russia, and they fall in love, and they fall out of love.

Quickie Review: I'm still not sure what to make of this book. The arc of the relationship seems predictable, inevitable. It isn't a story about love, it's about lust-addiction-dependency-complacency-obligation-resentment-hatred. It's about sexual obsession, which was mistaken for love, a grave error with grave consequences, although ultimately I think Eberstadt punished her characters a little too strongly. However, the two worlds that clash continually was a great backdrop to the book and the author shows no mercy.

Quickie Recommendation: How many times can you read the word pussy in one sitting?


Lorna said...

As always, I applaud your catholic approach to literature

Anonymous said...

A friend gave me this book to read and I loved it