Saturday, January 31, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

a novel by Priscila Uppal.

Quickie Recap: After a long struggle, Hardev, a quadriplegic relying on the help of home care workers, is losing his home to the bank. His eldest daughter is soon to be married and he fights to keep his secret under wraps until then. However, as the story unfolds, we see that the whole family is keeping secrets from each other, failing to communicate, failing to be that perfect nuclear family.

Quickie Review: I was thinking that maybe it ended a bit abruptly for my taste, but the truth is, I think I just got so involved that I was a little devastated to see it end. There are so many great stories going on, so many layers, so many things to think about, and then, learning something new, you reevaluate, change your mind a dozen times, and it's never enough. Every character has a distinct voice and they switch back and forth, and every single time one ended and a new one began I could never decide if I was more sad at the letting go or happy at the new exploration. It keeps you on your toes, this book, and you can take it as it is and enjoy it immensely, or interpret it as a retelling of King Lear and really sink your teeth into something meaty.

Quickie Recommendation: This review does not do justice to what I've just read. I didn't know Uppal before, but I think she's now officially on my list of authors to look up. This book really impressed me.

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