Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Accidental Light

by Elizabeth Diamond.

Quickie Recap: A little girl dies in an accident and two families break apart: the little girl's family, of course, but also the family of the man who caused the accident. The accident sends both families spiralling down different paths that eventually collide in unexpected ways.

Quickie Review: Wow!! Another really great read. Finished in under 12 hours, I could hardly put it down for work. I was hypnotized by Diamond's intimate knowledge of grief, and how it triggers past pain. This was very real, very tender, very wise. When I finished the book, I flipped to the author's photograph on the back flap, because I felt like this woman had really accomplished something, had said something significant through fiction. This is her first novel, and it blew me away.

Quickie Recommendation: I would go so far as to call this a do-not-miss.

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Lorna said...

thanks---I missed out on a bunch of your reviews but now am caught up and again, yearning to go out to Chapters or the lovely book store on Elgin whose name escapes me.