Saturday, February 7, 2009

His Illegal Self

A novel by Peter Carey.

Quickie Recap: A little boy named Che waits at his grandma's house for the day when his radical parents will come back to claim him. But when contact is initiated it all goes wrong as it must and he ends up hiding out in Australia with people who either are or are not his family. Sound convoluted enough for you? Sorry - it plays better in the 272 page version.

Quickie Review: I really liked Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang, which this book is nothing like other than its inherent goodness and interestingness. Che is a confused little boy, and as he tries to work things out in his head, the reader is trying to do just the same thing. What is the right thing? Are you sure? Are you really sure?

Quickie Recommendation: Everyone deserves to question everything every once in a while.


Lorna said...

I try to stay on top of interesting books, and I'm finding the best way to do that is to read your reviews. Now will you just come over to my place and haul away the junk I've saddled myself with?

Jay said...

Well, maybe we could trade?