Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ragged Company

A novel by Richard Wagamese.

Quickie Recap: Four homeless people make friends with a non-homeless person when they discover a mutual love of movies. After a stroke of crazy luck though, the friendship and their lives quickly change as they try to adjust to circumstances that don't always leave them feeling quite so lucky.

Quickie Review: Actually, I quite liked this one. Wagamese's treatment of the homeless quartet was always done in taste. This story has a social conscience. Having worked with exactly this population myself, I really appreciated the dignity with which he writes the characters. The pain is palpable, and the coping methods are not always respectable, but definitely understandable, and that's the heart of this book. It's easy to connect with these people, and it's easy to see how close we all come, how we're all just a few bad choices or unlucky events away from the lives society looks down upon.

Quickie recommendation: Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Just passing by and I wanted to say I love this review site and I plan on coming back!

This book in particular strikes me as a good read and I never would have come across it if not for you. I'm going to read it and then come back and comment!